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Severed Head While tilling in the garden with my mind on other things I saw a little flower that reminded me of spring Twas just a dandelion with its glowing face of gold But oh how great the lesson that this little one did hold You see by time I saw it I had just tilled through that ground Where lay that dandelion with the golden face I found And all that was remaining of that flower I did see Was just the severed head that had been severed there by me And yet though it was severed and just lying there alone Amidst the brown around it with the mix of earth and stone It still was not diminished in the beauty I could see But held there in its beauty a true lesson just for me A lesson about be

Daily Devotional

The Truth in God's Word From every angle in the world temptation comes today Temptations that we may not seek to drive us from the Way From living and abiding in the Spirit of the Lord The Spirit Jesus promised that we live in one accord One people in one body that we call His last day church In whom by grace He's trusted all the truth for which men search The Truth that needs an open mind to help them clearly see Those truths that will be studied throughout all eternity As clearly in His scriptures if we focus there in prayer Not searching for some premise that we hope is proven there But searching with an open heart to see what all this means This Book of inspiration where God's Spirit can

Daily Devotional

The Gift He said He'd share His gift with me if I'd share mine with Him For His gift is eternal life complete with diadem But mine is just a simple choice that I have soon to make A choice no one can make for me as to which path I'll take Which path of two that'r offered me while I have time to choose While I have time here to decide before the one I lose For being indecisive is deciding after all To let the world decide for me to skip the Saviour's call And fall in line with others who have chosen not to be Accustomed to the promise that is offered you and me The promise of a heaven that we call His paradise That He has made available to us through Sacrifice That Sacrifice that looks to us

Daily Devotional

Touched By Calvary How often do the words you speak become your worst worn friend How often do the ones you love feel they cannot defend Some thing that you have spoken in your haste to make reply That's sure to chase and haunt you up until the day you die How often have you spoken words that take a life away That drives them from your presence for the painful things you say Those thoughtless words of envy that engender only strife That offer nothing good to those who struggle through this life Who have no course or compass no relationship with God No one to help them find their way along the path they trod And often may offend you by the words that they might speak As evidence of emptiness

Daily Devotional

So Few Want to Know So many things are happening so few folks know about So many things that many people don't want to find out For fear they'll be accountable for something that they'll know And in this time of urgency they'll be required to go Outside their self-made comfort zone where everything exists Within their daily round of life fulfilling all their lists Of this and that and here and there they're often prone to be Their constant round of things they know that give them sanity But what lies in the background of the things they do not know That's growing every second like a storm that's sure to blow Is going to take all comfort zones and cast them all away For now we're on the thres

Daily Devotional

When If The instant that we start to think we have all things in hand Is the instant we should realize we do not understand The frailty of humanity and all that we might be That only has its surety in God's divinity For as the scripture tells us in the body of His Word Through story after story as the Spirit can be heard We cannot by our thoughts adjust the color of our skin Nor by our thoughts amend our height to be like other men Nor can we change the course of time to give us back our years To change the course of where we've been in spite of all the tears Or root out all the evil thoughts that tend to plague our souls Or wipe away the emptiness that fills our lives with holes Those holes

I Know My Platform Holds at Least 2 or 3 People

The year 2013 was not the easiest for me or my family. My mother had to be moved from her home of 58 years to a retirement home, which meant the “breaking up” of her house and the breaking up of where her three sons had spent most of their formative years. Work, normally a state a barely controlled chaos, dropped the “barely controlled” and went through severe regime change and was rather suddenly “under new management.” Work demands on my time escalated, and sharply. I was trying to get a book manuscript completed (what was eventually published as Poetry at Work) and I know I was driving the editor frantic (on a good day) and off the cliff (on a bad day) as we struggled, or I struggled, to

Daily Devotional

The Day We Die You cannot change the past my friend no matter how you try For what is done is done my friend until the day you die But one thing can be certain if you place your trust in God No matter where you've been before He'll change the path you trod For God is not beholden to the things we understand But holds all things in common in the power of His hands All time and space together are the making of His will And what they were or will become are in His power still For yes though you've been sinful in the past you've lived before The past that left you in disgrace and often closed the door To others of your loved ones or the future you had planned It still holds no conclusion in the

On the Power of Noticing

One very vivid memory I have from when I was five years old is from kindergarten. During recess in the front yard of the church which sponsored our kindergarten, a little girl and I ran around in our sock feet. We had taken off our shoes for some reason. When it was time to go in, she slipped her shoes on and ran inside. And I stared at my shoes. The laces were untied, and I didn’t know how to retie them. Her name was Joy. My name felt more like terrified. We weren’t supposed to remove our shoes, even in the classroom. How do I remember this? I don’t know, but I know it’s important for writing. In On Being a Writer: 12 Simple Habits for a Writing Life That Lasts, Ann Kroeker (co-author with

Daily Devotional

Laodicea This spirit of complacency this lukewarm state we're in While everywhere the devil has convulsed the world in sin Is worse than you'd imagine in the thinking of the Lord Who gave His All on Calvary salvation to afford To those whom He's entrusted with the keeping of His Word Who have the words of Jesus that the world has never heard The way they need to hear them most in this probation hour While there is but a little time for their redemptive power For many are the millions who know not the times we're in How Satan in these final hours of arrogance and sin Has marshaled all his forces to destroy the saints of God Who hold firm His commandments as His Mighty Holy Rod By which He'll

2 Pray

“2 Pray” from Christian Faith Publishing author JLR-Writer is an enthralling narrative of Marcus, who is beyond belief as he struggles with the idea of a supreme being, leading him to an estranged relationship with God. captivating story that contains a valuable lesson of fortitude amidst overwhelming circumstances in life. “2 Pray” is the creation of published author, JLR-Writer, a nontraditional writer whose compositions makes readers rethink and test boundaries. He is also a theology student at a growing biblical college in Channelview, Texas. Published by Christian Faith Publishing, JLR-Writer’s new book reflects the trials and obstacles of every individual who has hit rock bottom, and h

Beyond Greatful

Dear lord, how i thank you Thank you for placing my gift deep within me Growing like a seed in soil Your word of truth like the Sun's rays feeding my gift Now a new fire in me that burns My faith, the wind that blows Spreading my gift like hungry flames across dry grass I pray my fire becomes seeds that fall on others making them burn hot. #jlr_writer

Don't Fret dear Stumbler

Don't worry, nor drop sweat of fear Keep moving forward The Father is near The road may have bends and turns But your desire to do right burns hot like the sun So you've stumbled along the way Everything is OK, my dear sister and brother Keep your gaze on the holy son who sits on the right side thank God, we are attached to the Vine! #jlr_writer

Morning By Morning (one of many #poems interwoven into this #contemplativedevotional)

Morning By Morning I arise to meet you Morning by morning My whole being rejoices With the thought of seeing you face to face My spirit races Anticipating oneness with you My heart leaps for joy Knowing what lies ahead My mind is still Yearning to hear what you will say My will is set in the starting blocks Ready to run with your instruction for the day My body still waking up Is delighted it has a part to play in the daily communion I wait in silent meditation... And you come

The Right Reason

I was at a writer’s conference, carrying with me my selection of a work in progress like hundreds of others, scheduled for a meeting with both an editor and an agent. Like most of the people there, when not in a general session or a seminar, I spent a lot of time milling about, looking at the writers’ books for sale, talking to a few people, trying to understand what I was even doing there. At one of the luncheons, a woman sat next to me, her arms full of books, papers, notebooks, purse, briefcase, and water bottle. She smiled expansively at the rest of us at the table and announced, “I am a writer.” Loudly. Loud enough so that the people at the next table turned their heads. She went on to

Daily Devotional

Privilege They walked away from everything they had to serve the Lord No lesser gift would they extend to Him Whom they adored Who left His throne in glory came to die a pauper King The Lord of all creation and the Lamb of suffering They willingly laid down their lives as no more they could do As in their dying breath they knew what He had called them to That perfect land of promise in a world of paradise No more the pawns of Satan to be tempted by his vice For when they drew their last breath in this world of misery They knew their very next thought would be Christ in His glory Returning with His angels as a cloud up in the sky To go with Him to heaven where again they'll never die But ther


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