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Daily Devotional

Severed Head

While tilling in the garden with my mind on other things

I saw a little flower that reminded me of spring

Twas just a dandelion with its glowing face of gold

But oh how great the lesson that this little one did hold

You see by time I saw it I had just tilled through that ground

Where lay that dandelion with the golden face I found

And all that was remaining of that flower I did see

Was just the severed head that had been severed there by me

And yet though it was severed and just lying there alone

Amidst the brown around it with the mix of earth and stone

It still was not diminished in the beauty I could see

But held there in its beauty a true lesson just for me

A lesson about being who and what you're made to be

No matter what the circumstance in others you might see

No matter how they treat you or the hurtful things they say

No matter if they threaten you or take your life away

Because what God has made you and has placed within your life

That forms the world around you with its challenges and strife

Is only temporary when compared with what He's planned

That will comprise forever for the ones who choose to stand

By grace through faith beside Him on the tenets of His Word

Not bowing to the ways of men and things that they have heard

That twist and turn the scriptures to support what they believe

That draw us from the Treasure God has promised we'll receive

If we like faithful Joshua and Caleb long ago

Refuse to hide the Truth as all the world has need to know

The message for the hour that Christ's coming's very near

And those who go to Canaan will be those who living here

Have not failed in their mission to reveal to all around

The message of salvation that in Christ alone is found

Through loving and by living as our Saviour did before

A faithful firm example of what God is looking for

To be that dandelion clearly known for what we are

A flower born of heaven with our home beyond the stars

Where we'll be known forever as forever we will be

Transformed into the likeness of the Rose of Calvary

Numbers 13:17-14:11; James 1:19-27

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