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Connect with other Christian Writers in your community

Share your local writing group with us. CPW members want to know.

Do you have or know of a local writing group that CPW members could benefit from? 


Local writing groups are a great way to connect with other Christian writers your community. They help to celebrate the power of story and the importance of sharing our faith through writing.

CPW - Christian Poets and Writers welcomes you to share a local writing group with the members here on the site. 

Tell us about your group - What type of writing do you focus on, how often do you meet, and how can others join?


We have a dedicated section for local writing groups, where you can share information about your group and connect with other Christian writers in your area. 

It's always a blessing for brethren to dwell together doing what the love and enjoy is an extra wonderful benefit. We look forward to hearing about your group and possibly helping to promote it to other Christian poets, writers, and communicators for Christ. 


Share with us.

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