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Communicators for Christ

Christian Poets and Writers, celebrate those who have dedicated their talents to share Christ's message through inspiring writings, creative content, and positive influence.

Meet Anne Peterson

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Anne Peterson is a poet, speaker and published author of fifteen books, including: Broken: A Story of Abuse and SurvivalDropletsThe Crooked House, and Emma’s Wish. Of all her titles, her favorite is “Grandma“.

As an author, poet, speaker, and Christian influencer, Anne has dedicated her life to spreading hope, love, and inspiration to everyone who needs it. her work is grounded in her own personal experiences, and she strives to share her thoughts and emotions in a relatable way.


Many of my poems and words of wisdom have gone viral and resonated with people from all walks of life. Because Anne is also someone who has experienced life’s struggles and challenges firsthand, she's passionate about helping others find their inner strength and overcome adversity. You can connect with Anne over at her home site Anne Peterson. 

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