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Shira Garnett

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Community Admin, Encourager, Prayer Partner

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This journey called life has its successes, failures, accomplishments, and its most devasting effects. It's safe to say we each have personal experiences and stories to tell.

Some of us share among one or two of our closest and most trusted confidants, some share through journaling, some of us share during confession, while others share to an audience. Whichever, people are connected to people and, we need others to help to encourage one another, inspire one another and support one another.

Now, since we're being honest, we all don't naturally vibe together with everyone. Meaning, we all have our certain people that we can relate to, people we connect with, people who understand where were coming from. 

With all this being said, I'm Shira. An extrovert that doesn't mind sharing my life experiences. Many of these experiences aren't comfortable delivering or for others to receive, however, I share. I talk about shame, guilt, abuse, addiction and other sensitive topics.

There will be some who will embrace my boldness in talking about topics that many suffer in silence, while others will find it hard to even wrap their minds around my journey, and the ministry God has placed upon my life. 

No worries, it's all good. Prayerfully there will be something that I share in the community that will resonant and find a place of relatability and understanding in the heart and mind of our visitors and members.


In addition, my hope is that you will be able to connect with my writing ministry, as well as the many other members and contributors that are featured in our community.

Your Prayer Partner

As a community prayer partner, I am here to come alongside you and lift you up in prayer. Whether you're going through a difficult season, or simply need someone to lift you up in prayer, I'm here for you. Please take a moment to fill out the prayer request form. 

Request Prayer

Join our Prayer
Partner Team

At CPW, we are passionate about establishing an effective prayer partner ministry. As a prayer partner, you get the chance to unite with other believers in praying for the needs of the CPW community members, contributing writers, visitors, and the entire CPW online platform.


We firmly believe in the power of prayer, which brings encouragement, solace, and peace of mind to those who intercede for others and those who seek it.


If you wish to become a prayer partner in our community and extend your support to our members, contributors, and visitors, kindly get in touch with us. Let's join our prayers together to make a difference in the lives of our members, contributing writers, and visitors.

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