Daily Devotional

The Truth in God's Word

From every angle in the world temptation comes today

Temptations that we may not seek to drive us from the Way

From living and abiding in the Spirit of the Lord

The Spirit Jesus promised that we live in one accord

One people in one body that we call His last day church

In whom by grace He's trusted all the truth for which men search

The Truth that needs an open mind to help them clearly see

Those truths that will be studied throughout all eternity

As clearly in His scriptures if we focus there in prayer

Not searching for some premise that we hope is proven there

But searching with an open heart to see what all this means

This Book of inspiration where God's Spirit can be seen

This living breathing Oracle fresh from the Father's throne

That shares with us the miracle of God and God alone

That one day reads to meet a need we struggle to receive

And then the next the same text helps us by His grace perceive

Some truth we had not pondered but flows equally as well

With all the other scriptures in the lessons that they tell

To make and mold and fashion us to be the more like Him

Who truly is embodied as the Truth in all of them

The Truth that is so needed for each moment of today

That is our only safeguard as we study Him and pray

That we might be just like Him in all things we say and do

To have His Spirit lead us in the trials we go through

Those trials that will tempt us to forget the way He's led

His people to each victory the way He's always said

If they would be abandoned to the tenets of His Word

Not wasting their existence on the other things they've heard

That have no base in scripture just the figment of some mind

That chose to form a teaching that would keep the people blind

To Truth that is impending with Christ's coming in the clouds

To pluck the few who listened to His voice and not the crowd's

And kept the Truth He gave them though sore tempted to believe

What men had tried to teach them were conditions to receive

The blessing they knew not of nor would ever chance to see

Because they would not follow what God shared in purity

James 1:1-10; Galatians 6:1-9

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