Daily Devotional

The Gift

He said He'd share His gift with me if I'd share mine with Him

For His gift is eternal life complete with diadem

But mine is just a simple choice that I have soon to make

A choice no one can make for me as to which path I'll take

Which path of two that'r offered me while I have time to choose

While I have time here to decide before the one I lose

For being indecisive is deciding after all

To let the world decide for me to skip the Saviour's call

And fall in line with others who have chosen not to be

Accustomed to the promise that is offered you and me

The promise of a heaven that we call His paradise

That He has made available to us through Sacrifice

That Sacrifice that looks to us to feel the same way too

The way that Jesus felt when He beheld what He must do

To save the ones He loved so much who knew Him not at all

The ones who wandered in the dark not answering His call

The ones who though they had each day His lessons to receive

In scripture and in emblems that in Him they might believe

And know Him without question as the Lamb of Sacrifice

Messiah come to take their sins and pay the dearest Price

And willingly abandon all the comforts He had known

To be abused and beaten stripped and naked all alone

Because there was no other way than that that He could choose

To save the lost and offer them what they were born to lose

Than to be nailed upon the cross to die in agony

Because the hardness of the hearts destroyed their will to see

That hanging there before them was the King of all the earth

Who formed celestial bodies long before His human birth

Who with His words had spoken all they knew of life in place

And Who with just a whisper could remove that time in space

But out of love eternal love that only He could know

He left His throne in glory through His Sacrifice to show

How we too might be like Him in our willingness to be

An offering of sacrifice for all the world to see

The love that God has gifted us that we like Him might share

Because we've chosen while there's time to show how much we care

Joshua 24:14-15; Matthew 16:24-27; Mark 8:34-38

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