Daily Devotional

When If

The instant that we start to think we have all things in hand

Is the instant we should realize we do not understand

The frailty of humanity and all that we might be

That only has its surety in God's divinity

For as the scripture tells us in the body of His Word

Through story after story as the Spirit can be heard

We cannot by our thoughts adjust the color of our skin

Nor by our thoughts amend our height to be like other men

Nor can we change the course of time to give us back our years

To change the course of where we've been in spite of all the tears

Or root out all the evil thoughts that tend to plague our souls

Or wipe away the emptiness that fills our lives with holes

Those holes that only Christ can fill when if He does abide

When if we set all self aside to let Him live inside

When if He holds the key that fits the lock to where we've been

That opens up our darkened past and wipes away our sin

The sin that's held us back from being all that we could be

If by God's grace through living faith with our entirety

We choose to be abandoned to the purpose of His will

His will that has the power of life to make and mold us still

To what He may desire of us through all that He has planned

To finish all the work begun that we don't understand

But that we are designed to play a part in by His love

That raises us from where we are to awesome realms above

Through special time together with our Lord upon our knees

Full focused on His mighty Word where everything He sees

Is opened to our vision as He knows will serve us best

To give us preparation as we near that final test

That test of our allegiance when if we give all to Him

To stand as faithful soldiers of the cross before all them

Who compromised the precious gift of life God's given us

To do the one and only thing He's given us in trust

To lay our will before Him to be all that we might be

By His indwelling presence that transforms both you and me

When if we take the time to see the beauty of His plan

His plan of restoration One with God and One with man

Matthew 6:19-34; Jeremiah 13:23; Hebrews 2:6-14


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