Daily Devotional

So Few Want to Know

So many things are happening so few folks know about

So many things that many people don't want to find out

For fear they'll be accountable for something that they'll know

And in this time of urgency they'll be required to go

Outside their self-made comfort zone where everything exists

Within their daily round of life fulfilling all their lists

Of this and that and here and there they're often prone to be

Their constant round of things they know that give them sanity

But what lies in the background of the things they do not know

That's growing every second like a storm that's sure to blow

Is going to take all comfort zones and cast them all away

For now we're on the threshold of that great prophetic day

The prophets tried to warn us of so many years ago

That all who claim to know the Lord should surely want to know

As all events soon coming are a harbinger of Him

Who promised as He left the earth He'd soon come back for them

But many are not ready most don't really want to go

To meet the Lord when He returns if they need now to show

The world that is around them what it means to be like Him

Who sacrificed His perfect life to be as one with them

For they are so shortsighted so absorbed in serving self

That they have not the eye of faith that wants to see what else

God has in store to offer them that now they cannot see

Because they'd rather hold the hand that leads to poverty

The poverty of spirit God so longs to have removed

For which He's paid the greatest Price through all the love He's proved

In giving of His Sacrifice through Jesus Christ His Son

Who only asks we lay aside ourselves to be as one

With Him Who is eternal Who has made a place for those

Who seeing all that God has done in Him alone have chose

To likewise be a testament to grace in Jesus' name

That never leaves a wanderer who seeks the Lord the same

So friend ask God to show to you what He would have you be

Prepared for what is soon to come to change your destiny

That you might bear the Light of grace for all who will to go

Where God would have them share His Light for all the world to know

Isaiah 6; Daniel 12:1-3; Matthew 28:18-20; Revelation 22:6-14


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