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Daily Devotional

Touched By Calvary

How often do the words you speak become your worst worn friend

How often do the ones you love feel they cannot defend

Some thing that you have spoken in your haste to make reply

That's sure to chase and haunt you up until the day you die

How often have you spoken words that take a life away

That drives them from your presence for the painful things you say

Those thoughtless words of envy that engender only strife

That offer nothing good to those who struggle through this life

Who have no course or compass no relationship with God

No one to help them find their way along the path they trod

And often may offend you by the words that they might speak

As evidence of emptiness along the path they seek

Or maybe in their haste to be what they assume is best

Their words and actions may become a secret hidden test

That God may use to prove to you how much you need to grow

How much you need to turn to Him you sometimes claim to know

But in your haste to face the world each morning as you rise

You fail to stop and take the time to look within the eyes

Of Him Who's waiting for you where you used to hit your knees

Pursuing in your brokenness the only One Who sees

The root of life within you from your future to you past

That bears your every burden as in faith on Him you cast

Yourself as you feel helpless like some others that you meet

Who likewise need to know the love you found at Jesus' feet

But how are they to know His love how can they understand

The path that God has laid for them that He had always planned

If not by what they see in you and by the words you speak

That share with them the Strength you find when you are feeling weak

And how can they find heaven and the gifts God has to share

If what they see and hear from you does not reveal His care

That sees beyond their brokenness to something bright and new

That God desires to make of them the way He did with you

So next time that you start to speak may I suggest instead

Of speaking words that you'll regret and wish you never said

You speak the words God gives to you to help another see

The power of love can still be found when touched by Calvary

James 1:26; 3:1-18; Jeremiah 1:9

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