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Daily Devotional

The Day We Die

You cannot change the past my friend no matter how you try

For what is done is done my friend until the day you die

But one thing can be certain if you place your trust in God

No matter where you've been before He'll change the path you trod

For God is not beholden to the things we understand

But holds all things in common in the power of His hands

All time and space together are the making of His will

And what they were or will become are in His power still

For yes though you've been sinful in the past you've lived before

The past that left you in disgrace and often closed the door

To others of your loved ones or the future you had planned

It still holds no conclusion in the power of God's hands

For He Who made you something of the nothing you once were

Who saw you from forever with a love you can't detour

Has power to transform you to what He would have you be

A child of royal piety for all eternity

A person with no record of one sin back in your past

As all you've done is hidden when upon your soul is cast

His robe of spotless righteousness that wipes your sins away

With blood He spilt on Calvary that crucifixion day

And as He surely promised in the body of His Word

No record of your sinful past is ever to be heard

When standing there in judgement with your Saviour at God's throne

He wraps His arm around you as His blood bought purchased own

And there declares beside you for the universe to hear

My blood My blood My Father on this precious one so dear

Who once a sheep was wandering without a hope to see

That they were just a single step from being one with Me

That step that bowed before Me with one simple little prayer

That spoke though small and feeble with a humble heart right there

And asked for My forgiveness for the things that they had done

And took Me at My promise that in You we could be one

So that through all eternity the planned we planned for them

Might be fulfilled so perfectly through Us in her or him

As all will live most joyously with nothing left to hide

As what they once were is no more since on my cross it died

1 Corinthians 15:31; Micah 7:18, 19; Revelation 7:13-17

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