Dance or Death

This is the last chapter in the book that I have called "AO". Dance or Death There was an eerie silence in the room. It was almost as if everyone expected something to happen that was not very likely to happen. Like, Rand coming back. (For a few moments they let themselves believe he had just stepped out for a drag on a cigarette since they all knew he smoked.) But when Rand had been out longer that the usual amount of time for “just a smoke”, it became clear that he was not coming back, and if he did it might not be in peace. Their minds raced back over the events of the, admittedly, short period of time they had actually begun knowing each other. Actually, there were more unanswered questi

Morning Devotional

The Wine and Bread He held within His hands the cup of wine for all to see The wine that represented life from His divinity The blood that was His precious Gift to wipe away our sins And cleanse the precious souls of them who find in Him their Friend He told them they must drink it to be part and one with Him That by it He might testify His Spirit born in them As they would bear His gospel to the world that lay outside When they could comprehend the Price He paid when once He died He broke the bread the emblem of what He would soon go through When He would soon be broken on the cross for me and you To share with us the message that by faith we'd understand The beating and the brokenness He'd

Morning Devotional

Another Year Another year is coming one more year is left behind And no one really knows what come tomorrow they will find To meet them in the morning when before the sun they rise Or in the late of evening when the sun has left the skies But everyone might know no matter what will come to earth The confidence that comes to those who know God through rebirth The confidence that every challenge they may have to face Is just an opportunity to trust in Jesus' grace The grace He had to live by when He walked this earth below When Satan was a constant threat in every place He'd go A threat to our redemption if he once could make Christ fail And even His destruction that His failing would entail F

New Covenant

the New Covenant is not the Old. It is the Old that has been fulfilled. for It contains the promise that Jesus paid the bill. that He walked in perfection wearing the shoes we will never fit calling us His brethren that God's Kingdom we may inherit that He died upon the cross covered in iniquity and shame. that He conquered sin and death that we may do the same. such a beautiful picture looking unto Father's Gift. but this is only part of His Covenant just the beginning of God's benefit. God Himself came as Jesus He walked among us as a man the final sacrifice for sin the perfect Blood of the Lamb. Jesus returned to the Throne and that is where He sits the third part of the Trinity is the O

Morning Devotional

The Ungrateful Now comes that change in season at this joyous time of year When cold and bitter feelings are the gist of what we hear From those who've lost their first love for the Maker of mankind Who've placed their expectations on the things they did not find Beneath the tree on Christmas they had hoped for all year long That makes them feel deflated in the way that they've been wronged Where self received no glory as its glory was not due For something it had never done nor struggle it's been through And yet so undeserving still they cannot find their rest Believing they have come to face some painful ardent test An affront to their character from someone that they love When of a t

the trial

through gates of pearl, satan peered. God's glory burned his eyes. i'll take what You have, i'll find a way. to this day, You've not broken my pride. Father laughed with great amusement, repulsively mocking his sinful words. you tried before, it caused your fall against Me, your attempts are absurd. oh there is something i can take, just simply give me a try. there is something i can take that will make You weep and cry. how about the one, You call beloved? the one that gave her life to You? the one of who You are so protective? the one who committed to be true? i can make her look away. i can get her to move afar. i can make her run astray and not care that God You are. Father thought about


He walked through the streets consumed by confusion and fear. She has promised to be his... He had never held her near... She had been with another, For there was no other way. To him, she had been unfaithful. Her love had gone astray. There is no way to hide this... the whole city would come to see. What if they said it was him. That this child was his seed? What could he possibly do? What would he possibly say? He could only find one answer. He must send her far away. No other thoughts were found as he laid there in his bed, just the constant mulling over of the things she had said. She had not been with another... God placed this child inside... First she has cheated on him, and now she h

The Pencil

This is what I truly believe about myself. When I let go and let God speak through me, my writing comes out better than I have ever hoped.

Of Ignored Notes and Missed Signals

(By way of explanation, this is one chapter pulled out of a much larger book that I am in the process of writing. There are four main characters, three of them having their own interaction with a mysterious person known as "AO". In some mysterious way, AO is the thing the three have in common. I have been working on this story for about three years. It is my first "fiction" work. With that being said, here is the chapter, which is a sample of my writing.) Of Ignored Notes and Missed Signals There was a sudden light in the room. Maybe not sudden, gradual might be more like it. It seemed to come from a distance, not a huge distance, but still a distance. The light seemed to be in no hurry. It

Jesus is the Light.

L- Listen carefully and expectantly to His Word. I- Invite Jesus into each moment of your life. G- Give the gift of being present during your quiet times with God, family, and friends. H - Hold tightly to faith, hope, and love. T - Tell others about God's love through your kindness and use words when asked for the reason for your joy. Blessings & Merry Christmas ~ Wendy Mac

Daily Morning Devotional

Two Ways of Faith Should life be so imperiled by the dangers of each day Should children be in constant fear of when or where they play Should women fear the outcome of their meetings with new men That they have never met before the circumstance their in Should people fear the future of events they do not know The whys the whens the wherefores of the places they must go Not knowing if the day they start will have a peaceful end Or if they'll face a trial of faith alone they can't defend No life should not be filled with fear with every waking day Nor should we be afraid of what will come for things we say But for as long as we are here on Satan's captured ground The curse of sin and feared e

Morning Poetic Devotionals

What Makes a Man a Man A man becomes a man when he adopts a manly way By taking full possession of each word he has to say When faced with circumstances he would rather not be in He chooses not to take a path that leads his soul to sin Nor does he want in anyway to let his life to be An influence to lead someone to lose integrity To lose their hold upon the One Who gives eternal life The only True Example in this world of pain and strife For when a man becomes a man as God meant him to be A man who seeks the will of God and not iniquity His life becomes a journey to be like God's perfect Son Reflective of His image that they two might be as one To show the world the Father through the Spi


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