New Covenant

the New Covenant is not the Old. It is the Old that has been fulfilled. for It contains the promise that Jesus paid the bill.

that He walked in perfection wearing the shoes we will never fit calling us His brethren that God's Kingdom we may inherit

that He died upon the cross covered in iniquity and shame. that He conquered sin and death that we may do the same.

such a beautiful picture looking unto Father's Gift. but this is only part of His Covenant just the beginning of God's benefit.

God Himself came as Jesus He walked among us as a man the final sacrifice for sin the perfect Blood of the Lamb.

Jesus returned to the Throne and that is where He sits the third part of the Trinity is the One Who is in our midst.

the Holy Ghost is also God the part Who is mostly denied. the part Who continues God's Covenant the part on which glorification relies.

He is the Spirit of Truth rightly dividing God's Word. teaching us the heart of Father keeping us from doctrines, absurd.

He is the Comforter God has sent giving Peace and joy deep within always advocating to God above sanctifying us from our sin.

when we ask Father, in Jesus name whether in boldness or in pout the answers come from Father by the Holy Ghost, brings them about.

He is the Voice of the Shepard as Christ speaks to His sheep. giving counsel and encouragement Who sings over us as we sleep.

He is the very husbandman Who tills the fallow ground. then placing the perfect seed from which Salvation will be found.

He is the One Who intercedes when our minds are weak with doubt and He is the One Who lifts us up sustains us in spiritual drought.

He is the One given to lead that in Truth we may grow in the Wisdom of God Almighty that His Mysteries we may know

we are to be His vessels He is the heaven in which we abide that signs and wonders He may show creating in us, God's earthly Light.

the same yesterday, today and forever just the same as our God of Love. just the same as Christ our Saviour except He dwells within, not above.

we dare not disregard God's Spirit as if He is a thing of the past for He is a vital part of God's Covenant given to eternally last.


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