Morning Devotional

The Ungrateful Now comes that change in season at this joyous time of year

When cold and bitter feelings are the gist of what we hear

From those who've lost their first love for the Maker of mankind

Who've placed their expectations on the things they did not find

Beneath the tree on Christmas they had hoped for all year long

That makes them feel deflated in the way that they've been wronged

Where self received no glory as its glory was not due

For something it had never done nor struggle it's been through

And yet so undeserving still they cannot find their rest

Believing they have come to face some painful ardent test

An affront to their character from someone that they love

When of a truth they have no love for those their thinking of

But have instead emotion as their root and source and guide

Their god that guides their motions and the words they do not hide

That places on the altar of the world integrity

And seals them in a coffin that we call iniquity

The greatest sin of all sins that knows not God's love at all

As moment after moment they have turned away His call

To lay aside their anger from their source of pride inside

And grasp the Rock of Ages where their soul alone can hide

From fear of condemnation in the judgement soon to come

Where all who have rejected God will be condemned not some

Because they lost that first Love Who loved them before their birth

So much He died for all their sins when He first came to earth

But this next time He's coming not a Baby in a stall

But as the Kingdom Ruler Who is come to ransom all

Who've learned appreciation for the Gift He came to give

The Gift we truly don't deserve that by His grace we live

And by His grace we worship not the things we don't receive

But Him Who lives His love through us to show that we believe

The true reason for Christmas was not for the gifts at all

But for the world to see the Light of those who share the call

To come to Christ the Saviour Who abandoned all for them

That they might find unending joy when they give all to Him

And have a home in heaven where the hosts in glory shine

Because their treatment here on earth will never come to mind

James 4

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