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You Don't Know What You Are Missing

Stubbornly doubting the inherent essence of life, of self

The creation and the wonder of a human being

Blocking out the truth and placing it high upon a shelf

Ultimately, denying the spiritual of what you are seeing

Blindly, to know in your heart there will be nothing more

Only possessing what you think you have provided

Having no conception of the afterlife, what is truly in store

That you will cease to exist once your life has subsided

How sorrowful you don’t know what you are missing

The peace and joy of receiving His gift of Devine grace

Only listening to worldly voices, like serpents hissing

That the Master’s kingdom doesn’t exist in this earthly place

Theology is the basis of understanding the path and the journey

To believe in the light is the energy that drives the thirst

The first time you miraculously feel the power of the Spirit, He

Ignites a change inside your soul after the body is immersed

Only the One can provide answers to the complexity of it all

The beautiful workings and intricacy of a boundless mind

An endless universe growing with an origin no one can recall

But deep down, you have always known what you would find

Tear down the walls and remove the chains that keep you bound

Accept the possibility that your energy will last for an eternity

Claim all of God’s promises that only through Jesus can be found

Or forever, choose to be left behind in denial, and uncertainty

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