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What Resulted With My Friend Seli...

Seli: Lol

Write on the colour yellow

#BraKayNaN: Yellow?

The colour of the untamed passion called fire

Young when it flicks slowly glowing with a hint of red desire


The colour of resulting infection

Long and overdue care and a lack of correction; on white sheets under beloved covers lead to a much-needed confession.


The colour of savoury pined perfection, the aura of blissful smells and the joy of prospectors in deep wells


The colour of the night overshadowed by war

And that silent angel of death creeping over trenches from the swastika's front door


The colour of a hot Harmattan noon, the colour of ice cream and beaches under the sound of favourite tunes


The colour of authentic antiquity; stories of love, learning and loss on crisp pages. Tales from infinity bound in four-cornered pages.


The colour before the sound that puts the fear of God in the heart during the storm,

The luminance of teachers' headlights upon illegal activities in the dorm.

The witness to shady and opaque deals occurring in the night

As well as the moments of glory in front of audiences and mics receiving notes just right.


A shade of food I saw when I was born

And the shade of street I will see when time's veil is torn.


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