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"The True Light" (Jn 1.9)

Start your journey of discovery, to find meaning in your life. “The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world.” (Jn 1:9)

Announcing my first book release as an emerging literary Christian author. I hope you will stay tuned in the coming days for more messages revealing my book signing events.

My book is available via my website (signed copies only with a special gift) or direct on Amazon in Regular or Large size print. Visit my website or my author page on Amazon for details.

When we let God’s pure light into our lives. When we trust God with our plans our lives are transformed to something beautiful.

I have gone through the unthinkable, but I never gave up. It's God’s message to us. You are never alone on your journey. Take a journey of discovery with a cancer warrior this season!

IF you haven’t yet subscribed remember to join my subscriber list, that way you won’t miss a beat with my newsletters, future podcasts, and details on my book launches. My subscribers received the first news of my book launch and got a sneak peek of my book before anyone else. You can subscribe via the link in my bio or here:

Check out my website for more inspirational thoughts and stories (Find the links in my Bio).

Copyright © 2023 Carol-Ann Lane, Author. All rights reserved.

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Shira Garnett
Shira Garnett

Thanks for sharing, Carol-Ann.

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