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The typical Monday morning will not cause you to surmise

What occasion brings reason for hustle amidst a baby's cries

At twilight, a family gets ready hailing the new hour in white

And a bundle of joy comes ferried into sight

Then at 8am, the smell of newspaper, the Graphic - so fresh, so bright

The rush of school children has gone before; the latecomers get the bell's fright

The mothers commence to head out in order to make the home

The market calling out their names

Unless, of course, they wish to bring to the table their own

As the fathers do the same

Porridge from the North, a novelty at the corner

"Koose" announcing presence in a whiff

In the other corner of the ring, Hajia's waakye

Mind, wallet and stomach argue each other stiff

Public Transport begins pumping into town mankind

Rush hour becomes the private car owners' dread

For traffic and antics don't prove as so kind.

Rerouting or walking look wiser now instead

10am, Accra Central beats with rhythm so alive

"One-one cedi" is the shoppers' drive

99.7 makes the "trotro" jam for joy

Peace comes with 104.3

Makola cries all the more

But this is the morning and many display their wares

Industry for the day is far from due.

For the sun is gradually on the rise now

Shedding light on the marketplace, the office and the maroon-coloured school

Weekends introduce the sound of the broom

And pots and pans clanging in each door

It is the workman's rest and the children's bane

Saturday comes along with the chore!

Sundays offer a more hallowed approach

Akin to Fridays' feeling in the "Zongo" air

For these days mostly the homes are empty

And many go where God is mostly there.

This is a portion of the sunrise

Which greets the Windy Bay

The rays of sunshine

That greet Jamestown fishermen on their way

A hint of the yellow beam

That greets tourists on Oxford Street

"Good morning it is the top of the hour...", the usual greeting on the FM beat

This is the initial rhythm of the homeland that gets people on their feet.


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