Silencing the loudness of the quiet

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Quiet nights can be so loud

Continual replay of regrets echo each breath we take

Gasping for air, never able to exhale,

we try to fall asleep

But, the wish I's

I should have's

If I only's, drum loud

Night sweats, extreme insomnia, and surreal delineations almost take over

Until, suddenly, the loud nightly quietness of life's past comes to hiatus

We remember, we've deposited divulgence, along the way

some gewgaw

some dinkum

Most importantly, our petitions for forgiveness - Jehovah God, heard them all

Then, the loudness of quiet pillows to a heavenly balance

We rest in the sweetness of divine pardon, grace, and solace

Copyright: #ShiraGarnett, #CareFormsPoetry



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