Plain Old Vanilla You

A few years ago, I was living in NC, in the tiny, beautiful town of Spruce Pine. Spruce Pine is close to Little Switzerland, and about an hour away from Asheville. There is a scenic river, called the Toe River. It is insanely beautiful, almost like living in a life size model railroad set.

One Sunday after church, I meandered down to the river.

I was in "one of those moods".... some people might call it a flash of inspiration. It might have been. It might have been a subconscious attempt to forestall plunging into depression.

Here is the poem, which is the title poem of this collection.

Sometimes you need people.

Sometimes you need space.

Sometimes you need noise.

Sometimes you need silence.

Sometimes you need

What no one but God has for you.

Sometimes you need

Not even be understood.

Sometimes you need to just be

By yourself.


No props.

No performance.

No anything.

And maybe gradually

It will soak in

That someone

Might be okay with you...

Just plain old Vanilla


A preview with samples of more poetry is available here.

Check it out... and be blessed.

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