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Is there a fear over displaying a love for Christ? By Carol-Ann Lane

Cross of Jesus Christ and the bible
Cross of Jesus Christ and the bible

The reason I wrote this post is twofold. In part it touches upon a subject or theme that I introduce in my upcoming podcast which will air on Sunday July 7, 2024. Just a reminder to read on to watch a preview of my next podcast episode which I have already posted on Youtube and Spotify – so check out the Podcast tab on the CPW website to watch or subcribe to my author channel.

Back to my main question. I wanted to know do people have an open or public fear of displaying a love of Christ? Is it fear? Is it privacy? Last night I attended the MARTY awards ceremony. It was a red-carpet event.

Carol-Ann Lane on the red carpet at the Marty Awards
Carol-Ann Lane on the red carpet at the Marty Awards

The event included many distinguished artists, guests, and dignitaries. I was nominated a couple of months ago and very humbled to be judged and moved to the Finalist category for Emerging literary artist. I did not win in my category – instead the award went to a poet laureate.

At our table, I was seated with the president of our writing guild, established writers and the poet laureate. Although I have written and published two books, successfully running a podcast series and newsletter series, in addition to working on several writing and art projects, author imposter syndrome reared it’s ugly head last night for me. In my attempt to engage in conversation with the president of the writing guild, I began sharing my love of Christ and being a messenger of Christ by sharing about my ongoing Christian podcast and my upcoming inspirational short story collection, but I was cut short. I wasn’t given the chance to talk about other writing projects including a Christian writing guide series. The interest waned very quickly as soon as I mentioned God and Christianity.

In fact, the president of the writing guild, who I might add is a lovely lady of mature years and who nominated me in the first place, hurriedly steered the conversation away from God. I have been a member of this writing guild for a few years but lately I have declined to attend writing workshops or talks. Not that I don’t need to participate – I believe in learning and sharing ideas always. However, last night, she, the president, spent a better part of thirty minutes urging and encouraging me, perhaps even insisting, that I attend the next workshop. She explained in detail that the theme of the workshop will be tarot cards which is the same and a form of spiritual supernatural. I politely declined. When I attempted to converse with the poet laureate – disinterest and boredom bloomed again to a rising thickness in the air.

Perhaps it is random but it calls into question a growing disinterest and rejection of faith, Christ and open love of God. I also raise this point due to a recent development for my own attempts at marketing my writing. I know I have a purpose here to deliver the message of Christ’s love, hope, and peace, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to spread the word. I have ultimate faith and leave all of the power of spreading the message in God’s capable hands, but as a Christian author I still have to do some of the work. God helps those who help themselves, or so the saying goes.

What I mean is that I write, I post, I broadcast, my newsletters, my books, my podcasts, other writing projects, etc.. This is my purpose. God will do the rest. However, I have been busy finalizing my inspirational short story collection and thought it might be a good idea to gain some endorsements to help along with the marketing campaign. Over the past while I have been reaching out to Christian authors to ask if they would consider reading one or two of my short stories to provide an endorsement.  I ask for a one to two short paragraphs for the endorsement. Once I receive this I would include it in the back matter of my book and on my website.

I appreciate everyone has their busy lives to deal with. However, I raise this comment because a retired doctor (who was on my PhD examining committee and I had worked for during my PhD internship) responded to me in a way that highlights the question of my post. I paraphrase here, but the general idea was although he continues to be a very strong Christian, and even though retired from his public position, he did not want to openly endorse a Christian inspired literary work, as he was afraid of the public repercussion. Can you see a pattern here? I ask again, why are people afraid of displaying a love for Christ?

I understood of course, but I find this and other instances of either non-response of my request, fear, disinterest, boredom, etc. to be extremely sad. This also highlights the severity of Christian poverty found in our social fabric today. Definitely the work of the evil one. We must pray for these people and find ways to not be discouraged, especially aspiring Christian authors as myself.

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You don’t want to miss my next episode of “Write in His Way” podcast. It will air on Sunday July 7, 2024 at 2pm (EST). Learn about my next episode by watching the Promo trailer which I have included.

Final thoughts

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Sunday July 7, 2024 at 2pm (EST) for my next podcast episode “Write in His Way” (Copyright © Carol-Ann Lane, Author. All rights reserved)  Again, I now have an official YouTube Podcast channel or my Spotify channel. My regular podcast airs on the first Sunday of every month at 2:00 pm (EST) to start but this will increase later on. You can access my podcasts in a number of ways:

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Let God inspire you in every way!

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Thank you Carol-Ann for taking the time to share this post and congratulationson your nomination.

I agree wholeheartedly- our relationship with God through Christ is who we are and therefore cannot be separate from what we do or how we show up. Well done for lifting Jesus high in all you do.

And thanks for sharing the access links to your podcast. Great work. 👍

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