Morning Poetic Devotionals

What Makes a Man a Man A man becomes a man when he adopts a manly way

By taking full possession of each word he has to say

When faced with circumstances he would rather not be in

He chooses not to take a path that leads his soul to sin

Nor does he want in anyway to let his life to be

An influence to lead someone to lose integrity

To lose their hold upon the One Who gives eternal life

The only True Example in this world of pain and strife

For when a man becomes a man as God meant him to be

A man who seeks the will of God and not iniquity

His life becomes a journey to be like God's perfect Son

Reflective of His image that they two might be as one

To show the world the Father through the Spirit as before

When Christ walked here among us as a man and so much more

For though He held divinity within His soul as well

He sought the Spirit as we must to know what He must tell

The ones who walked beside Him whom He met along the way

Who longed to have His presence always with them everyday

To hear the words of heaven as He stopped with them to speak

His words that brought encouragement when they were frail and weak

To feel the Father's power that would fill and flood their soul

That would through His compassion make their broken spirits whole

And give to them a vision of what He would have them be

A member of His Kingdom on His throne eternally

Because they saw in Him what every man should want to be

That truly makes a man a man right now in history

One who reflects the Father and the Son Who sets us free

Not him who is the source of all our pain and misery

And only as we daily by submission come to Him

Through prayerful meditation in His Word be one like them

Who walked this world before us as His light to show the Way

To those who walk in darkness longing for eternal day

And only as we give the reins of passion self and pride

To Him Who won the victory when on the cross He died

Can we adopt the title as a man who walks with God

Because we walk by faith not sight in every path we trod

Mark 8:34-38; 10:17-23; Ephesians 6:10-18

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