Love made The Way

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

God's Amazing Love


Love chased after me

In purposeful pursuit,

with peace and abundant life in His offering

That is why He came!

For my freedom and my liberty, as I believe and turn away and flee from my sin and shame.

You see Love,

Love couldn’t leave me where I was,

separated and tossed,

afflicted and lost

No! For Love had a plan

By His grace through faith,

He made a way, the Only Way for me to bridge across to life, now and forever

through The Cross where Jesus died and rose again

So my response?

My response to Love is;

‘Yes Lord, I accept!”

"Yes Lord, I will follow!"

And now and forevermore,

all that is within me will say,

"Thank you Lord for your Amazing Love!"

Afua Richardson-Parry (2018)

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