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In His Waiting Room

Loving Father, Daddy, 

You know that we’ve had many chats; 

And in the intimacy waiting room, your peace calms my soul.

I have confessed the promises in your WORD, in faith; so I thought. 

I have bound and loosed in your name! 

I have changed the way I think to align with your Word; 

I have even shared and encouraged some of my hope and trust in you; 

When they wonder how I go on, moving on anew. 

Yet in the quiet, I wonder how? why? when? 

Does this mean that I am not using the measure of faith that you have given me?

I am a believer of your name and in your precious blood to heal and restore; 

I dream and think big as you tell me to; 

I call and act on things that are not as if they are. 

I have some old dreams that I want to come true; and some new ones too. 

Yet Dad, in the quiet, I know that you are my redeemer, and the lover of my soul. 

Though my eyes are sometimes blind to your ways; I know that you are mindful of me.

Always working behind the scenes to bring me out and to bring me to what you desire for me.

So Lord, I wait for you, not in haste; but in faith; 

Lifting your precious name, as I love to; 

In worship and in praise; 

And as your power and unfailing love moves over me,

Yet will I wait for you.  


Afua Richardson-Parry (2006); Updated 2024.

Inspired by the time I was waiting on God for the fruit of the womb.

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