• Afua Richardson-Parry

In His Waiting Room

Loving Father; Daddy,

You know that we’ve had many chats through prayer,

and in them I have confessed all the right promises in Your Word in faith, with every tear.

I get on my knees, binding and loosing in Your name!

Each time, You change the way I think, my mind transformed; I gain strength to share and encourage others of Your plan and why You came.

Yet in the quiet, I wonder how? why? when; again and again

Does this mean that I am not using the measure of faith that you have given me?

Is this my lot and do I simply carry my cross without shame?

I am a believer in Your name and in Your precious blood to heal and to restore;

I dream big and cast my net wide with each breadth of my plea

I call and act on things that are not as if they be

I have some old dreams that I want to see come true, and some new ones in


Yet in Your waiting room, I learn again that you are my Redeemer and the lover of my soul.

Though my eyes are sometimes blind to Your ways; deep within I know that your thoughts towards me are good and not of harm.

When it may seem that You are distant and watching idly by,

I am reminded that You are working behind the scenes to bring me out and into my deep desire

So my Lord, I will wait for you, not in haste but in faith;

Lifting Your precious name in worship and in praise,

helps me see the rays of promise in an open womb

And as your power and unfailing love washes over me

Joy will fill my heart as a testimony arises from Your waiting room.

Afua Richardson - Parry (written in 2006; updated 2019)

Notes - I wrote this at a time when I was believing God for the fruit of the womb; against all the medical odds. Now a truly blessed mum of 3, I write to encourage all that God is indeed a Comforter and is Able in every circumstance. So beloved, be encouraged to wait on the Lord. I was inspired by Hannah, when she was also believing God for the same miracle

Scriptural reference - 1 Samuel 1:9-20

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