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God gives us life!

The fourth week of Advent, representing love is almost finished. Over the last three weeks we experienced the first week of Advent symbolized by Hope, the second week of Advent representing Peace, and the third week of Advent representing Joy and the fourth week representing Love. A love which extends a lifetime as we walk along with Jesus.

Where did the weeks go? Hope, Peace, and Joy, and Love passed and fluttered away too quickly. Then what about Love? It still feels like we are in a preparation mode from the time of Advent and Christmas is only days away. The final Advent symbol of Love is the strongest. It is one of unconditional Love. The coming of Jesus Christ – who is the light and Savior to the world.

How can we let Advent come and go so quickly. The four symbols of Advent are Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. Do we only recognize these symbols during Advent, before Christmas? Do we have no room for these in our hearts and in our lives every day?

Only a few months ago people were enjoying the long lazy days of summer. Summer shorts and t-shirts have been replaced with layers of sweaters, long johns, woolen hats, and mittens. Beams of warm golden rays streaming across our living room floors.

Along city sidewalks we pause to smell the rich honey vanilla fragrance from the Hydrangeas to the marigolds. Rich fragrances awaken our senses as we stroll by. The beautiful vibrancy of azure, tangerine, amber, squash, and amethyst are all rolled out like plush carpets along the walkways. Umbrellas of thick fern, teal and mint leaves give way to rows of exposed/bare branches trembling in the icy wind.

Beams of daffodil golden light soaking moss green carpets are replaced with a brilliance of cotton marshmallows that shimmer and sparkle. Winter chills are forgotten with flickering auburn embers of a warm fire in the hearth.

We prepared for the last week of Advent, symbolizing love, before we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas. The love that abounds from Jesus is overwhelming. It is an unconditional love, freely given to us by His sacrifice.

During the Christmas season we shop for traditional dinners and look for those special meaningful gifts for loved ones. We forget no one. From the youngest to the oldest. We wrap each gift with such care that they dazzle our eyes under the tree. In the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season we might forget to give a gift to the one who deserves it the most.

Do we remember to give thanks to God for the daily graces we receive? Do we ever remember to show kindness to our fellow man?

Do we trust God to guide us? Knowing that Jesus Christ is the savior and light to the world – Do we forget to live with hope and unconditional love?

I’m reminded of a passage by Isaiah (9.2-7): “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.”

Isaiah reminds us how all of the Advent weeks we celebrated culminate on Christmas day. The hope, the peace, the joy, and the love intensify on this day. Everything makes sense to us now. The reason why we had such a long wait of preparation during the Advent season and why we had to be patient. The journey is now beginning for Jesus.

In a way, during our advent journey we were carrying our burdens until we witness the birth of Jesus. Then we can lay our burdens at the manger, at His feet, so that we can experience a peaceful calm, hope, abounding joy, and His overwhelming love and care for us. God has come to us in pure light. An infant, of human flesh but without sin. As we followed the star in the distance, we came knowing the weight of our sins, of our life, in hope that God will remove that sin for us. God gives us his everlasting love. God gives us life.

Let the Holy Spirit be activated within you so that you can shine with Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love. All of these virtues were intended for each and every person from God, not just during the weeks of Advent and on Christmas Day, but every moment in our lives. Remember every day is a gift that’s why we call it the present. Don’t ever waste a day.

The messages of Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love are not just for the four weeks of Advent. Those messages will last you a lifetime, remaining with you every day.

Christmas – the birth of Jesus Christ – is the Light to the world. If you have any burdens, worries, or stress, lay them at Jesus’ feet.

Ø Find your inner talent. Ask God to show you the way. Trust in God. He will not let you down. Everything happens for a reason. Learn from every moment, every person you meet, and every spoken word. Take heart in this and move forward. Trust God and let the Holy Spirit be activated within you.

Ø Don’t give in. Life will have challenges. Sometimes you have to embrace those challenges, but God will help you carry them.

Ø Everyone has a purpose in life. A purpose which intends to use the gifts God has bestowed upon you. Follow God’s will. He will never let you down.

Ø Have patience. The path may not be easy ahead. Trust God and follow the Light. God knows the right path for you.

Ø It is good and healthy to pursue our passions and dreams but sometimes we need to put things into perspective in life.

Ø There needs to be a balance to avoid going overboard into the deep end. You know what I mean. Burning the candle at both ends is not healthy to do.

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