• Pernell Rodocker

God Doesn't Look Back

I remember the games I played as a child. Hide and seek and running wild. I have many memories of where I grew up, The fields of grass and the neighbors pup. Each day was an adventure just waiting to happen. The wind would be blowing a woodpeckers tapping. The woods with their trees waiting to be climbed, Running a race the fastest to be timed. Rolling down a hill hoping never to stop, Being out of breath running back to the top. I remember my dad playing four squares with us, My sister her friends with all that fuss. My brother's first adventure being drunk at the wheel, Then he went to war and learned not to feel. Soon we moved away from the past so far, A thousand miles a rickety old car. They say you can never go back where you've been, But I think that I go back now and again. I visit the memories stuck in my mind, See where I've been, old happiness I find. I sometimes cry for the things of the past, The time for today is moving so fast. My hair is losing its color you see, When I look in the mirror I think, “that's not me”. When I wake in the morning my bones seem to break, They snap and they pop and boy do they ache. The wrinkles about my face growing deeper, I look to my sweetheart and ask, “I'm a keeper”? I know that someday this body of mine, Will cease and desist it's a matter of time. I'm glad that I will receive one a new, Maybe a little smaller so I don't need two. I am grateful that I belong to God, I'm sorry in Church that sometimes I nod. I'm looking forward to seeing my Lord very soon, Raising my hands and singing a tune. I'm glad that He loves me the way that I am, Or I would forever be stuck in a jam. All things will soon pass away its been said, All but the love of my Lord I have read. His love, once forgiven, does never look back, Thank you my Jesus your love doesn't lack. I'm grateful for peace that you've given to me, So now I can walk closer with thee. Lord, help me to look forward to you And not to the past like I usually do.

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