Driving on a gravel road

Driving on a a gravel road there is a thought that comes to mind. A thought that is profound. In the first place, the thought of overcoming evil with kindness and generosity. A sense of victory that is gained from it. The beauty of being captivated by the splendid spirit of God that is majestic as well as holy! Secondly, the arms of the LORD that hold us up when our mind drifts far from home due to a few distractions that get in the way of obeying the will of God in the great adventure.! A few distractions that keep one another from hearing the audible voice of the God on high throughout our lives.

The characteristic of abundant grace that is evident in a young mother who displays a few attributes of patience as well as generosity that is beautiful in all that she does for her family. Her family that she has a strong bond with. The thought of fighting the good fight when adversity strikes a heavy blow to the heart. A heavy blow to a boy of nineteen years old who has just lost his best friend the has known for many years to suicide. The heavy burden that he carries around for many years because he couldn't except the fact that he couldn't stop him. The discouragement that keeps him down continually.

On another note, the peace of God that he gradually seeks so that he is able to stand strong on both feet once more! The profound Love of God that is always constant as the stars in the sky at night time! The peace in the valley that they are able to grasp and embrace as they get further down the gravel road.! The gravel road as they spot a few white doves over yonder in the blue sky that they enjoy seeing.

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