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To think how cold and calloused someone's heart would have to be

To take the life of one small child still in its infancy

So innocent and undefiled no sin to call its own

The purest of humanity for which Christ did atone

Yet millions upon millions nameless faces have been lost

For which God has remembered there will be a final cost

To those who have been guilty of this evil they have done

Who have not sought forgiveness from the Father through His Son

And when all things are reconciled all records are revealed

The agony of every child these heartless people killed

Will be by God compounded on their souls for what they've done

Down to the very last breath breathed without escaping one

Thought of what they decided what they chose they would pursue

What in their greed for worldly gain they heartlessly did do

Not thinking of the little one whose life they took away

For which they'd suffer most of all the coming Judgment Day

When there before God's glory they will stand before the King

Condemned for everything they've done for every evil thing

They cherished in their evil souls where reigns the prince of them

Who shaped the person they've become to be in heart like him

For men whose hearts are evil are not that way all alone

They have not been the origin of evil on their own

They are but willing branches of the devil and his kin

Who soon will pay the final price for all and every sin

When in the lake of fire God's preparing for their end

They'll reap reward for all they've done their tongue cannot defend

And every child that suffered whom these people took away

Will be with Christ united on that coming Judgment Day

To grow into His people never more to die of sin

As sin will not be known again within the hearts of men

Nor will there be another who will take their peace away

As every child of God will only always want to stay

Within the arms that hold them filled with perfect love and grace

Forever there beholding all the beauty in the face

Of Him Who bore their burdens and remembers them by name

As His most dear and precious ones with Him in love the same

Matthew 18:1-14; 25:40, 41

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