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Daily Inspiration

Nineveh Revisited

What if the people God's prepared for such a time as this

Were really focused on the Goal He wants them not to miss

So much so that when prompted by His Spirit to go forth

They'd quickly spread His message to the west south east and north

Without the hesitation of that prophet back of old

Who ran the other way when by the Spirit he was told

To go to wicked Nineveh and warn the people there

Destruction soon was coming lest they kneel to God in prayer

And ask Him for forgiveness through repentance pure and true

Resisting all temptation from the things they used to do

And humbling themselves to follow His salvation Plan

So richly bought and Paid for when the Lamb became a Man

Would they rewrite the story in the end through love they shared

Instead of pouting at the grace of God for those He spared

Would they rejoice in giving glory for the gift of them

Who took the warning to repent and turned by faith to Him

For now in Truth He's called us to go out to all the world

Especially to cities where His warning must be heard

And warn them of the judgment that is soon to come from Him

Because they've chosen to allow what Satan's done through them

In raising up his temples in the cities of the world

As he's been loosed to tempt the ones among whom he's been hurled

From heaven as the looser that in truth he's always been

The father of the faithless who choose living in their sin

Abandoning the principles of God and righteousness

Ignoring all the warnings to enjoy their wickedness

That soon will reach an end when Jesus comes to earth again

To raise the faithful of the past and draw those washed of sin

To meet Him with His angels that come with Him back to earth

To gather those who turned from sin to revel in new birth

Because someone was faithful to call out in love to them

And warn them of the judgments God was sending down from Him

To wipe away the evil that so long has had control

Upon the weak and feeble for the saving of their souls

To put an end to suffering to Satan and his ways

That soon will come as prophesied in few not many days

Jonah 1:1-4:11; Matthew 28:18-20

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