Daily Devotional

What Is Seen

The face we choose to show unto the world for all to see

May have more of an impact on our own eternity

As what the world can see of our Redeemer in our eyes

Will be what will be seen when from the grave we do arise

To meet the Lord of glory when He comes to earth again

To either call His saints to Him or cleanse the world of sin

As those who have been faithful to give out the Gospel call

Or those who of a truth knew not their Master's call at all

For what shows on the outside reveals what resides within

And tells a different story than we oft profess to men

As to our daily practice when we think we're all alone

And what is truly in our hearts we think by us is known

That no one else can see or hear no one else can surmise

But will be seen with clarity when all the dead arise

Some to the life eternal by God's grace appointed them

The others to the judgement who did not the will of Him

For what is most important is the root from which we come

That root of daily nourishment of which our life draws from

That root of God's own planting born of Him not born of man

Or that which dwells in darkness spreading out the devil's plan

To mix among the chosen with some similarity

While clinging tight upon their hold on their iniquity

Just keeping closely hidden from the brightness of the light

Until they feel revealing of the truth in them is right

But God gives His discernment to the ones who choose to see

Through what is on the outside to what lies in you and me

And if what's seen is evil we've no time to waste on cares

But need more than all worldly things to focus on our prayers

For God's grace in His cleansing of our hearts to be like His

As no time can be lost for doing such a work as this

Unless in truth we do not really want His will at all

Then so will be our answer when we hear the Saviour's call

So friend weigh very deeply in your soul your part today

Will you choose Jesus Christ be seen in all you do and say

Or would you rather just pretend and stay the way you are

Decide while mercy's waiting for God's judgment's not too far

Revelation 22:10-16; Malachi 4:1-3


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