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Daily Devotional

Oh So Much

How often do we see a thing and not know what it is

How often has God shown us Truth for such a time as this

And yet we have not seen it though it's there in perfect sight

Like daylight in the morning that dispels the dark of night

For many are the seasons that can pass until we see

The Truth that's glaring there at us with visibility

But only in God's timing when our hearts are tuned to Him

Are truths that hide in perfect sight available to them

Who truly want to follow God as He wants us to do

Who are preparing for the times that we must soon go through

That bring about the testing of each soul that will be His

For which He is revealing light at such a time as this

You see as I've spent many years exploring in God's Word

In effort to prove many things these many years I've heard

I'm finding as I ask the Lord to open up my mind

The evidence for many things I've thought I cannot find

And many things I have believed I thought that science proved

The evidence in scripture has indelibly removed

By shining light on passages I've oft studied before

That now in God's reality reveal oh so much more

That prove He is Almighty God my Lord my King my friend

Who has a store of treasure to share with me to the end

If I will but put faith in Him to lead me everyday

And open up my heart to Him to let Him lead the Way

That leads to life eternal where He's wanting me to go

And with me bring all others whom through me He works to show

The beauty of the Gospel that's more than a wooden cross

But is a wealth of knowledge to redeem what man has lost

And bring us into oneness with our Maker God and King

Who in His time if we obey will show us everything

And make us wise as serpents yet as harmless as the Dove

As we portray His living Truth His Spirit tells us of

So friend do not be idol in the study of God's Word

Don't just believe what others say and all the things you've heard

Until you've proved beyond all doubt what God will show is true

As He has promise by His grace to do for me and you

John 5:37-47; 1 Corinthians 2:7-16

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