Daily Devotional

God's Plan

A premature decision in a path that you pursue

May alter your perception of what God would have you do

And may include some damage of the work that He'd have done

If not at the direction of the Father Ghost and Son

But many are too hurried in the path of life they choose

Too hurried by the worry there's some great thing they might lose

A title or experience they think is theirs to have

When God would have them listen and pursue another path

And in the end they suffer from decisions they have made

As well as all the others for which Jesus Christ has paid

When heaven's restoration with the earth that's been made new

Is occupied forever by the chosen and the few

Who took each day as precious from the hand of Him on high

Determined by His mighty grace that they would live and try

To stay in close communion with their Master Lord and King

Receiving His direction in the course of everything

That sought from them an action or a statement for the day

Affecting other people they might meet along the way

In how they saw the future and the plan God had for them

The future God's been planning to make them the more like Him

For God is not just waiting to decide what we should do

When faced by every circumstance each moment brings us to

His plan's been made already long before this world was made

Confirmed by His provision and the precious Price He paid

To show us through His Sacrifice how deep His love is here

For all to whom He daily wants to make His purpose clear

If only we would seek Him early when we rise each day

And listen for His precious voice while reading as we pray

That He will show us clearly how to touch the ones we meet

In ways that will effect their lives to bring them to the feet

Of Him Who is our Saviour Mighty God and precious Friend

Who wants so much to hold us in that life that has no end

So friend be wise and careful in the path you choose today

Don't let those special moments with your Maker pass away

Until you've sought His guidance in what He would have you do

Affirming His direction and His plan He has for you

Psalm 32:2-11; Isaiah 58:6-12


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