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Daily Devotional


I see the morning sunshine coming through the window shear

Reminding me of Son shine that is soon to meet me here

To spend this time together as we two become as one

I the lost sheep of Israel and Christ the Father's Son

For many years I've wandered wond'ring Who Messiah was

And why this One called Jesus Christ had mustered so much fuss

Until one day I met Him on a path with no return

And from that very moment all the history I did learn

Of how Messiah led us as a people from the sin

Of Egypt in that foreign land beneath the heal of men

Who worshipped at the idols of the gods they did not know

Were only lifeless shadows of the evil they would sow

Inspired by the devil and the evil ones with him

Whose purpose was to take away God's image made in them

And mix them with the creatures and the other things of earth

Absorbed in senseless pleasures with their merriment and mirth

That to this day are manifest in those who know not God

Who think in their own foolishness they rule the path they trod

Not knowing if not Jesus then the devil rules their way

And puts his own description on the things they do and say

And sorely as I pondered how my people'd gone astray

I realized the more we walked in doubt the other way

We left the One Who called us from no people as His own

And like the Roman army placed our seal upon the stone

That tried with futile effort to control the hand of God

Denying that True Shepherd Who with perfect staff and rod

Had tried to lead His people through their light and life in Him

To live as testimony of the One True God in them

And that if we'd surrender our imagined platitudes

To God's One blessed Messiah with a grateful attitude

He still could make His people lights of Truth for all the earth

As one by one this people would join Gentiles in rebirth

That when Christ comes in glory with His angels all around

We as His chosen people once again will then be found

To revel in salvation once entrusted for the lost

To be our own salvation that we nailed upon the cross

Exodus 20:1-2; Daniel 9:25-27; John 1:35-51; Romans 2:10-11

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