Daily Devotional

John's Quandary

There followed in the shadows one who did not run away

That dark and dreadful evening when they led the Lord away

One who though fearful followed from a distance so to see

What could be in the working for this Man of Galilee

For John though filled with terror as events there did unfold

Remembered what the Saviour of Jerusalem had told

How He would be arrested and would cause their greatest grief

When He Who was so holy would be treated like a thief

Their Master and Provider the great Healer and their Friend

Whom they had sworn to follow to the very bitter end

But when in fact were tested just like cowards ran away

For fear of what would happen if they chose with Him to stay

And as he watched in horror heard the things the priests did say

Demanding Christ be crucified made with His life to pay

His heart would not release him from the promise he had made

The promise to be with Him though no other ones had stayed

So there he stood each moment as each time the Lord was tried

Until through all the beatings He at last was crucified

And hung there bruised and bleeding just one wound because of men

Who blindly crucified Him Who would cleanse them of their sin

If they had only listened as the scriptures told them to

To all the words He'd spoken of what God would have them do

To spread the precious gospel of the Lamb of Sacrifice

The Lamb of God's anointing their Messiah Jesus Christ

The One Who was prefigured by the sacrificial lamb

The One Who told old Moses that He was the great I Am

The One Who cleansed the lepers healed the sick made blind to see

The One Whom now they tortured on the cross of Calvary

They would have been most honored as they watched Him lay aside

His worldly outer garments so the knife could be applied

And would in awe have taken of His blood for all our sins

To sprinkle once upon the Ark to change the hearts of men

But there instead he watched them knowing not what he should do

To honor Him Who loved him after all that He'd been through

Until he heard from Jesus take My mother as your own

And died the Lamb of promise for His people to atone

John 19:23-30

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