Daily Devotional


There is no greater purpose than the purpose that our God

Laid out for us in heaven long before this earth we trod

There is no greater calling than to work as one with Him

Who reigns on high in heaven served by all His seraphim

Who serve not by compulsion but in sacramental love

In reverent adoration of our Father up above

Who made them as He made us with a special work in mind

Unique in their own purpose of a very special kind

No others were created for designed for them to be

His helpers in the management of everything we see

From stars that rule the heavens that we see each cloudless night

To all the living creatures that we see come morning's light

In every place they have a purpose for which God designed

A reason for existing long before them in His mind

He chose for their existence in His universe of love

His Kingdom with a purpose that Christ Jesus told us of

And as they have their purpose we too have our own to be

Created in God's image born of love unique and free

A purpose no one else can fill when we choose to respond

To Love the way the angels do up in the great beyond

But in our great delusion that we have no purpose here

That all we are are creatures who've evolved to live in fear

Of death and its uncertainty of life and all its pain

We miss the greatest Gift of all Who died that we might gain

More than His pure forgiveness though this is His purpose too

But also honored usefulness to do as He would do

When humbled by His presence that encircles us each day

And honored by His calling to lead others in the Way

That leads to life eternal where no fear will be again

No fear of death or consequence for all our past of sin

Just holy high communion where the host of heaven sing

From hearts of pure devotion to our God Who made all things

So friend if you're in question what may be your purpose here

Just lift your voice to heaven and He'll make your purpose clear

When you lay on the altar all you are and hope to be

A child formed in His image one with Him eternally

Ecclesiastes 3:1-17; Acts 11:23

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