Daily Devotional

God Is In Control

Is it just coincidence or do you also see

A pattern to the Way God works by grace for you and me

How He has perfect timing for the miracles He'll do

When given opportunity to live in me and you

And is it any wonder when we call on Jesus' name

As He has worked in ages past today He works the same

To bring to us His promises that cannot will not fail

Though on each level in this life the devil may assail

Us with insinuation that our God does not us hear

As he works with all diligence to cause us doubt and fear

While if we are established in God's Word through daily prayer

We'll not be sore effected by his dark affects to scare

Us to believe his power is beyond the power of God

To keep us safe in every path and byway that we trod

To meet our every need when placed before His throne in prayer

Through miracles and godly folks He's hiding everywhere

In secret and the open when and how they're needed most

To do the work He'd have them do by His sweet Holy Ghost

Who's everywhere in every work that God's ordained to be

A work that leads to Jesus Christ and His eternity

That's there for those who trust Him who put faith upon His Word

And know with certain confidence their every prayer is heard

Just don't know what God's planning or His timing for His plan

But by the past they know the future lies in His command

That will not fail His children who give all they are to Him

Allowing through abandonment His will to work through them

To show the world the miracles that cannot be explained

That point to God and God alone from Whom His mercy rained

When He forgave the sinner who was hanging on the tree

Specifically next to our Lord that we through him might see

How far the love of God will go to place us in the way

At just the perfect time and place to hear what He will say

To give us hope and courage that the battle won't be long

And soon with all the angels we will sing that victory song

Of how He never left us never once did fail to be

Our Sustenance and Father Who controls eternity

Matthew 14:14-21; Luke 23:39-47


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