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Daily Devotional

The Rock Oh that we all could understand the beauty of God's Word

That each of us could here perceive the Truth therein that's heard

And by His grace assimilate His character of love

To make us fit recipients of what He has above

Prepared for those who love Him who have leaned upon His Word

Who could not in their wildest dreams imagine what they've heard

Described for them in glory where the saints will ever shine

Who gave their hearts in love to Him with body soul and mind

But wait we can perceive the Truth that lies within God's Word

We can receive the mysteries that therein can be heard

And understand the beauty there that's waiting for all men

Who lay aside their selfish ways to overcome all sin

For as we hold to thinking in ourselves we have the power

To stand alone against the tide that tempts us every hour

We find our strength is useless in itself to overcome

The power of those mighty waves of sin with all the sum

Of evil that attacks us from our subtle enemy

Who knows just how to hit us in a way to knock us free

Eroding our foundation like the weak and shifting sand

When we assume we have the strength that's common in each man

But when by faith we're anchored to that mighty Solid Rock

When we've been firmly bolted by His grace around the clock

Through prayerful meditation on the beauty of His Word

Then all the power of heaven is revealed in all we've heard

By faith that flows from glory by the Spirit of the Lord

Who's proven throughout History His people aren't ignored

When tempest comes upon them like a storm upon the sea

For He alone commands the grace that gives the victory

And He alone will save us when we give our all to Him

Who holds at His command the mighty hosts of seraphim

Who there await to help us to be here next to our side

To overcome the enemy as long as we abide

In Him Who is our surety Who is our Help and Stay

Who promises His presence as we walk the narrow Way

Obeying not for fear or gain but just for love of God

Who gave His all on Calvary the path we could not trod

Romans 3:22-31; Psalm 95:1-6; Matthew 16:16-20

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