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This is an example of standing on the rock (Jesus), and how He provides safety and hope to all that will receive Him!

There's a fellow I'd like you to meet,

his name is Badger and he's really neat.

When something happens to upset his day,

his reaction is ferocious, I'd say.

One day searching for food, delicious,

along came a wolf, mean and viscous.

To him Badger looked like a snack,

but found He would surely fight back!

A Wiley fox tried to be rough.

Life for Badger soon became tough.

He learned to face his foes.

His belly to the ground and stay on his toes!

On went the battle each planning to win.

Each sure the next lunge would end.

The Badger while guarding his underside

found a hole, that aid would provide!

Then Badger saw a frightening sight,

a weasel decided to join in the fight.

Badger thought with a start,

"He'll dig from below and go for my heart.

Shifting his feet, he fought for his soul,

he learned a rock filled the hole.

He watched the enemies, he could see

but as for the weasel, he let him be!

Both the wolf and the fox withdrew,

and Badger for food, searched anew.

The Weasel, a problem He'd never been,

because of that rock, he could not tunnel in.

The rock had kept Badger alive.

The rock filled the hole, and he survived.

Seeing this vision in my minds eye,

the rock stood for our Lord Jesus Christ,

because of Him, we have eternal life.

Though the enemy chose to attack,

it was Jesus, who had our back!

We face the enemy which is all around,

trust Jesus, and stay close to the ground.

The enemy of life wants to destroy,

but Jesus brings us to joy!

The rock is for God, keeping us sound,

Weasel was unable to gain any ground.

When the weasel chose to strike,

from under, the rock he would like

he was not wise, for in the end

a rock is all that he really received!

Face situations we have here on Earth,

trust Jesus Christ your new life to birth!

The things we don't see are of no account,

but Jesus our Lord, no one can unmount!




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