Alien, Outcast At Home

Once you've lost a loved one,

oh how your heart will tear.

You will sadly suffer,

you wish your loved one, there!

Friends and family gather around

and wrap you in their arms,

saying to you platitudes,

but never meaning to harm!

They show up for the wake.

To shake their hands is work.

But you want to be kind,

so you dutifully will not shirk.

But once they are gone,

life gets pretty lonely.

No one ever calls,

or comes for a visit, if only!

They have not had to experience

the horrible things you have.

Somehow they are afraid they will

but to you, their presence is a salve!

Alone you cry endlessly

and suffer every in every way.

It seem you've become an alien,

to humans you saw every day

You've become the alien

in a very, very strange land.

You need them to come,

and take ahold of your hand!

How do we share with others?

Just be near to them,

You may be able to give to them

their vision through a new lens!

If they see that you really need them,

Perhaps they can overcome,

and provide what others need,

to bless and help someone!

Teach them that your situation

is not one they should forsake

Every human will die, sooner of later,

to think otherwise is a mistake

Sooner or later people die

they will those they love

Each of us could be left to wonder

how it could be to be at home, above!

Others don't need to suffer like you.

Teach by example the way,

so they don't suffer on their own,

when tomorrow could be their day

Peggy Jeanine Woody


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