The day draws to an early close

It is the change in season I suppose.

The window is open an invitation to impose.

A moth beats against the window trying to penetrate.

Working so hard beating against the leaded glass

Again and again without restraint.

Pulverizing a way through

Searching for a way, compromising the alarm system

Trying to break-in, almost a crime, a meeting with design.

Looking for an allurement, an opening, an attraction

A bendy bar in the railings but no quick compromise

To make it's way to the light that shines bright

That is you!

The moth pauses, is still

Crawls to the opening no bigger than a millimeter.

Slithers through, reaching out, reaching you.

Rests against the light, rests against you, choosing you.

Probably, more than likely, almost exactly

In just the same way

God is trying to get through to you!

Hugh K Henderson <><

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