99% Nothing

Three in one danced

Cosmic powers that

Spun eternal belonging

And from that community

From that communication

From that fellowship

From that love

the word spoke,

From nothing

Atoms of 99% space

arranged themselves

Galaxies composed themselves

Earth formed

And the godhead 

saw it was good,

The word spoke 

in power again

and then from matter

Atoms, nuclei and electrons

was formed a living 

99% nothing:

65% water

65% oxygen

18% carbon

16% protein

16% fat

100% loved

100% belonging

welcomed home

to Father, Son and Spirit.

Starting Thoughts: The power of the Word that spoke and from nothing created the universe that is still essentially nothing. And humans, composed of the same atoms are also 99% nothing but we are alive and thinking about the cosmos we live in. I find it amazing that essentially space and us are so similar - nothing. Yet, go figure - God says we are worth dying for, celebrating in His creation.

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