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Your Humanity, Lord


You came to Earth a tiny baby,

that evil tried to find.

Though wisemen and shepherds knew,

where you were, evil lost his mind!

It caused a king to sacrifice

all boy babes in the land.

God knew before it all

and had another plan!

If Satan was all knowing

as he claims to be,

seems he would know where You were,

but his blinded mind could not see!

When Your time came for ministry,

You didn't advertise,

in fact You did the opposite,

unless people saw with their own eyes!

You knew just who to call

to follow You as brothers.

What joy it must have been for them

to see Your love for others!

You had feelings like any man,

You felt pain and joy

and even the sight Of Jerusalem

made You weep like a little boy.

You were thoughtful of others,

yet they pressed where ever You were found.

No matter where You were, Lord

They gathered all around!

Those who You healed,

Their hearts with joy overflowed

they never would forget

That day You made them whole,

The kindness You showed the woman

who reached out to touch Your hem.

She knew she could die,

but would never,live in shame again!

The lack of fear You displayed

when You drove the demons out.

Though he had been a maniac

He was free and gave a mighty shout!

The agony of Your heart

In the Garden of Gethsemane,

when the disciples failed,and

did not pray, but fell asleep!

The agony You suffered.

The selfless life You gave.

The pain You felt as Your mother's . . .

pain you could not save!

The loneliness You felt when

Your Father turned from the sin.

The relief You must have felt

when from Your body, Your life slid!

The triumph You arose with,

On that third morning, shown!

The connection with Your Father,

as You approached Your throne!

The grace You give to us,

To walk throughout our days,

and when the trumpet sounds,

into the sky we will raise!

Peggy Jeanine Woody

July 12, 2020

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