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As I walked through the open door, that led me away from You

I found myself drifting away, from everything that I knew

I thought I could have all that I wanted, as I went astray

When I should have walked out, I decided to stay

God, You're full of mercy, You're full of grace too

You have always been there for me, You carried me through

You know the plans You have for me, You know what's best

You know how to strengthen me, You know how to give me rest

I stayed much longer, then I ever should

I got to the point, I didn't think I could

I finally leaned in to listen, to what You had to say

Then I found your strength, and I walked away

Poem/lyrics written by :

Marie Harker 2/22/20

Published 2/24/20Published 2/24/20

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