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Wonderful Counselor

When it seems like your faith is slowly slipping away there is the rock of Jesus Christ as the refuge. When the ghosts from the past come to mock you there is safety in the arms of Jesus Christ the LORD who is the redeemer, the Savior, the Coming King, the eternal hope, and the wonderful Counselor. The Wonderful Counselor whose arms of Love upholds you up to comfort as well as strengthen you when the raging sea is overwhelming in the great adventure.

When depression strikes home claiming the loss of another life there is the power of compassion that goes the distance. The heart of the believer that is steadfast in his Love of the father on high who sits on the throne of God! The heart of harmony that rejoices in the wonderful counselor who gives me blessed assurance for the journey that I am on. Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me who was once lost flowing in the journey of faith.

When a child is hanging in the balance as his heart is slowly fading away you are still the wonderful counselor who lifts him up to higher ground. The Wonderful Counselor who is the voice in the wilderness calling out to us in our time of need. The Wonderful Counselor who is my strength and shield that I am thankful for. The Wonderful Counselor who gives me just the right proportion of faith that gets me through the day. The common ground to stand tall in the face of adversity so that he has brighter days ahead of him.

When a young lady who has lost her best friend to suicide is standing alone without other close friends to hold her up the LORD is near to her broken heart. The LORD will mend her heart and make it whole again. The LORD will give her peace of mind as she goes through each valley in her life. The Wonderful Counselor who intervenes in her time of need so that she is able to experience a greater measure of Love from on high. Therefore, a greater measure of Love from on high that stands tall throughout the ages to come.

The ages to come when the heat of the battle for the mind, body, and soul is still ongoing. The war waging inside of an lonely hermit in the mountains who struggles with bouts of depression as well as rage. A man diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder many years ago. On the other hand, an active faith that is all the more refined by the fire of compassion that burned long ago for one another day by day. Lastly, courage that comes when faith stands tall.

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