Will I Wake In The Morning.

Will I wake in the morning faith, to find You here?

Catering to my every whim and need

From a love so deep and dear.

It is clear, that beyond this morning You will be here

Through a grace that does not come cheap.

A grace that you have met during a car crash event

A grace that meets you, whoever, wherever you are

To be able to give to others whether friend or foe.

Will I wake in the morning faith, to find You gone?

A brother, sister, friend, confident abscond.

We never had the life chances to be friends

You were older then me; I was younger than you

Many times through; many times over

There was a time warp between us two.

Through grace there comes a change that is not cheap

A grace that you have met and runs deep.

A grace that you have met and need to give in return

To give sustenance, hope and empathy to others you meet

As a disciple, a brother, a sister, a friend or foe.

Hugh K Henderson <><

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