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Those old folk knew what they were talking about, Jesus.

Pleading the Blood of Jesus over your life
Those old folk knew what they were talking about Jesus.

When I was young, I used to hear the old folk calling out "the Blood, the Blood." At the time I knew they were talking about Jesus; however, I didn't actually understand the significance of what they were saying or the power behind those words.

As I grew older, I realized, that Jesus had paid the price, He had shed His blood, and His blood had the power to speak life into dead situations.

In those negative situations and circumstances that came about, those old folk may not have known the words to articulate at the time, but they knew that pleading the blood of Jesus would speak deliverance, healing, and justice over whatever was going on or whatever they may have been going through.

I don't hear that much spoken from this generation today, but I still believe, the blood of Jesus cripples the enemy and his tactics over your life. When the enemy tries to remind me of my past mistakes and shortcomings or tries to mess with my mind and bring up false accusations that cause me to suffer unnecessary insomnia, I reach back to the former things that were foundational for me, recalling what I heard the old folks saying, "the Blood, the Blood."

Those old folk knew that the same blood that freed them from sin was the same blood that could deliver them from whatever was going on. And, if it was good enough for them, it had to be good enough for me.

If you haven't done so lately, or have never done so at all, I highly recommend "pleading the blood over your life, family, and circumstances." There is power in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. His blood closes the mouth of the accuser, shuts down his insidious mental anguish, and brings solace, hope, and resolve to the life of the believer.

Try pleading the Blood, what could possibly go wrong?

Until next time, Keep shining and always stay encouraged.

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