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The voice of God

Where there is no voice of God there is no revelation and without revelation we are like army soldiers who are blindfolded ,like brides on the alter without a groom, like babies in the cold without anyone to take care of ,like a pilot without direction of where to go.

John 10;27 says my sheep know me and they hear my voice.

We need to discern the voice of God from the many voices to know the frequency

disobedience is the sin that makes us miss out on the voice of God ,one of the ways we get to hear once again is when we repent , consecrate ourselves, humble ourselves ask for the Spirit of God daily to enable us be obedient and intentionally seek the heart of the father then we can start to hear once again.

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Shira Garnett
Shira Garnett
May 24
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Yes and Amen. Wise encouragement. Thank you, Ahava.

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