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Surrounded Servant

This poem is inspired by a similar struggle I had with the struggle that the servant to Elisha the prophet had when they were surrounded by an enemy army in 2 Kings 6. May the bible event and poem encourage you when you are discouraged or afraid by the combination of overwhelming circumstances and a lack of faith. As Elisha prayed, “O LORD, please open his eyes that he may see.” SURROUNDED SERVANT Help my eyes Lord, for I am surrounded by what I see and what I cannot, Not believing, not perceiving your eyes and arms around me hot. One greater in faith must remind me that You are not One to abandon. I am a servant and yet I am still learning to trust my Master’s plan, Trusting disaster will not overcome me because of where You stand. Discovering that there is nothing and no one else to fear as I imagined. How can I see when I am blinded by my lack of faith and what is stacked against me? How can I grow when I am weakened by the dark clouds’ thunder sounding around me? How can I rise when I agonize under the enemy armies that ground me? How can I fight when my might is so small to the giants that threaten to pound me? How can I die when there is so much more time designed for me? Heed me, Lord. Teach me, Lord. Be for me, Lord. See for me, Lord. My Master prays and my blindness is taken away. I can see the Lord’s armies that now astound me around me! I can see the horses and chariot sources of fire that empower me! I am no longer just a servant, but a friend, because my Lord had shown me everything. I now know that I will live! I can see how You surround me.

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