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Snow on the Evergreen

Snow on the Evergreen

Jesus, who lets the fir tree tell

the blessings of Immanuel,

sheds love abroad within my heart,

like snow in the deepest part.

El, the Father of greatest love,

sends forth assurance from above

in perfect peace from Heaven’s crown,

like snow falling gently down.

Savior, the path He took to die,

whose blood was spent to sanctify,

allows a grace from only Him,

like snow coating every limb.

Unspeakable Gift, Risen King;

To me, a truth comes bright to sing

of life atoned by wrongs made right,

like snow turning green boughs white.

Spirit, Creator, Holy Friend

of kingdom joys that never end,

bestows a seal of righteous clean,

like snow on the evergreen.

John 1:12-13

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