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Children do not know what they will grow up to be

They imagine so many things as they play carefree

No worry in the world as they act out a young life

Learning from mom and dad, with no burdens or strife

With age comes trials as they make difficult life choices

Listening to parents and following otherworldly voices

We who guide ask ourselves; who or what am I praising

Is it hurting me, and does it impact the child I am raising

Willingly following idols into the dark without a light

Blinded by influences purposely created to steal our sight

We hope and pray as we place them gently in God’s hands

Striving through faith to follow all His commands

It all becomes crystal clear as scales fall from our eyes

As we try to shape our children, God is shaping our lives

God uses the Word and even the unlikely to carry out His will

He is there for everyone, everywhere, with promises to fulfill

Never will you be happy and your loved ones will not flourish

Without being shaped by the Lord, your soul He will not nourish

Recall the sacrifice; forgiving of sins that had placed us in danger

Allow Jesus Christ to be born; by making your heart a manger

“You’ll never be happy until you make your heart a manger where the Christ Child may be born.” A quote by Rose Kennedy’s maid

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